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Victorious at Victoria!

Foresters Brass become the first ever winners at Victoria Farm's Brass on the Grass Contest.

Sometimes it's not a chore to update this website. Looking back over the updates since the rebirth of the Foresters Brass website, it's difficult to say it ever has been.

Foresters Brass took part in the first ever Victoria Farm Brass on the Grass contest yesterday, as the contest takes over from the Woodfarm Brewery contest, and in some style. Playing to an audience of seasoned banders and committed listeners, Foresters took two trophies away; Best Overall Band as well as Best Soloist. We began with a spirited "Mambo!" from West Side Story, before moving on to the crunchy, dissonant work of "Lake of Tenderness" penned by Ben Hollings. After the final chord, up stepped Principal Cornet and Chairperson Steph Ayton to deliver an up tempo Blessed Assurance, entitled "This is my Story", which stopped the rain and gave us the winning soloist performance of the day! With Whit Friday Marches looming, Foresters executed a popular "High Command" march, before finishing the set with "Procession to Covenant". Foresters Brass were announced as winners once every band had played and we were treated to a programme from the Caravan Owners' Association Brass Band. Click here to see our winning performance! Congratulations Steph!


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