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High Court, High Praise

A Foresters Friendly Society annual meet sees Foresters Brass head north.

Foresters Brass took a coach trip up to an extremely sunny Scarborough over the weekend of the 24th and 25th of June to play for the Foresters Friendly Society at their annual High Court summit. We began with a performance at the beautiful Scarborough Spa setting bandstand, overlooking the sea.

Later in the evening, Foresters Brass reduced down to a 10-piece to deliver a jazz set as the night wound down.

An early start saw Foresters Brass perform a short service of hymns, before setting up once again for our gala performance at the Spa bandstand.We have in the wake of the weekend set up a YouTube channel. Here you can see the collective videos of Foresters Brass, as well as some short behind the scenes type videos. See the base of this page for the little red logo of YouTube which will take you across to our videos. Alternatively, open YouTube and search for "Foresters Brass" to view our full collection​

At Foresters Brass we would like to thank the Friendly Society for a fantastic weekend. We enjoy having such a strong support and seeing familiar faces every year coming out to watch and support the band is great for our continued development, and, of course to spread the Foresters name.


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