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The Lengths She'll Go

Foresters Friendly Society is well known for its considerable Charity work and donations. The High Chief Ranger will choose an adopted Charity for each year for the Foresters to support.

Inspired by the work that our sponsors do, Foresters Brass members also take part in regular charitable events. Last year ex-Forester Marcie Williams trekked to Machu Picchu for Action Against Hunger, whilst Foresters were out in force all Winter to raise money for the Air Ambulance.

Steph before her mammoth challenge!

The latest to take the plunge into raising cash is Steph Ayton, Foresters Brass' Principal Cornet player. After (wet) suiting up, Steph dived headfirst into an incredible 5 km swim to raise money for Cancer Research UK, taking part on the 28th April, 2018. To make donation easier, Steph began a JustGiving page, which allows quick and easy donations to any event. With many months of fitness training completed, swimming nearly every night from 9pm (Having Tuesdays and alternating Fridays off for Foresters rehearsals, obviously!) Steph was ready to begin her challenge.

Some 200 lengths and two and a half hours later, Steph completed the Cancer Research 5 km! After stepping out of the pool, she discovered that she had soared past her original £600 figure! As well, there was also a bonus in store as she had beaten her Personal Trainer's time by a cool 10 minutes!

"It felt great! I've been putting a lot of time in at the pool to keep fitness up, so to complete the challenge, beat the £600 target and beat my trainer's time is really fulfilling."

Silver Surfer takes home the finishers medal

To read Steph's fundraising story, follow this link;

Any donations you can make, no matter how small, can really help in the fight against cancer.

Well done, Steph!


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