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Lift off for Keith and Foresters!

A fantastic concert in Ware Drill Hall, Hertfordshire was the launch pad for a new venture by Foresters Brass and guest soloist Keith Muggeridge.

Foresters Brass are helping to raise money and support for the Air Ambulances across the UK

Playing to a large Foresters audience, we were treated to a virtuosic performance by Keith on Baritone of Philip Wilby's 'Flight', written to test the limits of an instrument and to depict the history of flight in three movements.

The piece has a special resonance with Keith, as is explained in his website;

"Last year I was driving to work early in the morning. It had been a very cold night but it was warming up. Driving down a country road I had driven down since 2002 I slipped and skidded on some black ice in the road and ended up hitting a tree completely wrecking my car and putting me in a coma. Luckily for me, a witness had the presence of mind to call the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service who were able to revive me, cut me from the car and airlift me to The John Radcliffe Hospital. I spent until December last year in various hospitals and rehabilitation homes. Brass bands were also a big part of my recovery through the incentive they gave me."

Foresters Brass were also joined by Keith as he performed with the band for the remainder of the concert. We performed firm audience favourites such as Caravan, Softly As I Leave You (featuring Keith and Foresters own Ben Smith) and by special request of the High Chief Ranger, Conga del Fuego!

On sale were CDs by Foresters Brass and also a solo CD from Keith. Foresters Brass donated all profits from CD sales to Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service, as well as Keith donating proceeds from his own CD.

CDs on sale at the concert. Profits and proceeds were then donated to the TVAAS

Soloists featured were Paul Speed-Andrews on Solo Horn, Jimmy Blay on Trombone, Ben Smith on Euphonium and Steph Ayton on Principal Cornet.

We were treated to food and drink by the kind members of Court 6501 as well as Court 2630 sponsoring Foresters Brass' visit and travel to Ware. A huge thank you to the High Chief Ranger, Keith Muggeridge and to the members of Foresters Brass for a very enjoyable and rewarding afternoon!


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